Who is the owner? How long have you been in business? Are you local?
The pharmacy is independently owned by the pharmacist and his family, and has been, since 1976. We are located in Philadelphia at:
2729 N. 5th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Are you a real, pharmacy, that is licensed?
Yes, you are welcome to verify with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We comply with all state and federal regulations, including HIPPA and the patient privacy protection laws. A copy of our HIPPA policy is available upon request.

What are the pharmacy hours?
Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturdays: 10am to 3pm
Sundays: Closed
On call services available till 7pm
All requests and orders can be made 24/7 online

What are your contact numbers?
Phone: 215-423-1368
Fax: 215-423-0244
Pharmacist Direct: 215-850-8131

Do you deliver?
Yes, we have drivers that cover the entire philadelphia area. Delivery is FREE. Our drivers start at 9am and will continue to deliver all day until the last scheduled delivery is completed. Our drivers will deliver into the evening as needed. If you are outside the delivery zone, we can simply mail your medicine to you. Also, we deliver anywhere you want us to in the area, home, work, where ever!

Do you offer “same day” delivery?
Yes, if you need the medicine today, we will deliver it to you. However, we ask that you tell us no later than 3:30pm, otherwise, we can’t guarantee it will be delivered the same day.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?
Yes we do. Again, we deliver until the last scheduled delivery is made. All requests for delivery must be made before 2pm on Saturdays.

Do you have an emergency, on-call service?
Yes we do. 215-850-8131. This service is not available on Sundays and in the evenings past 7pm.

Do you provide specialty packaging services, pill cutters, pill organizers, etc.?

Do you have medical supplies and equipment? Do you deliver those?
Yes and Yes

Do you speak other languages?
Yes, Spanish

Do you compound?
We don’t directly, but we work with others that do. Just send us what you need, and we will arrange everything for you, including delivery!

Do you have specialty medications?
Yes, HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Transplant, Fertility, you name it we have it. If you have any concerns about privacy, please contact Chadd directly on his cell 215-850-8131. Your privacy is our priority.

For medicine I take all the time, do you have “Auto Refill” or something to remind me when I am due for my medicine?
Yes and we will also call the doctor immediately for new prescriptions, so we can avoid you ever missing a day of your medicine.

If I have trouble affording my medicine, can you help me? Also do you have competitive pricing with the major chains?
Part of improving access to good pharmacy services, is pricing. We are independently owned, so we have the ability to work with pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash On Delivery, Credit, Debit, or PayPal

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