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Welcome to PhillyDrugstore.com, the home of Philadelphia Pharmacy delivery services, and Philadelphia Prescription Delivery Services! You are at the pharmacy, right here, right now.

You can do anything you need, online, without going anywhere else. Request new prescriptions (we will contact your doctor), refill remaining prescriptions, transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy, shop from thousands of Health + Beauty products, schedule a free pick-up, and do much, much more. Our services can be accessed in a variety of different ways, by phone, by email, or online. Our goal is to make good care convenient, and nothing is more convenient than online ordering with door-to-door delivery.

This website is our virtual home, but our home on land, is located in the heart of Philadelphia.

In 1976, my father opened Philly Drugstore (originally called 5th St. Pharmacy), in the center of the Philadelphia hispanic community. He wanted to provide good quality healthcare, to a heavily underserved Philadelphia community. In this close knit community, my father was not just a local medicine man, but also a community leader, a fatherly figure, and a passionate patient advocate.

When I graduated pharmacy school, my dream was to find a way to give more people access to personalized pharmacy services, and that is how PhillyDrugstore.com was born. We are as convenient as the closest drugstore, and as caring as your family. You are not a customer, you are a friend. This not a job, this is a passion. The door is always open, we can always be reached, and we do whatever is necessary to get your medicine to you.

Thank you so much for stopping by. It would be an absolute pleasure to serve you.

My name is Chadd and I am the owner and pharmacist at Philly Drugstore. You can reach me anytime on my cell phone at (215) 850-8131.

Chadd Levine, Philly Drugstore

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